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The bookseries ArtMonitor

The ‘essentially’ feminine — a mapping through artistic practice of the feminine territory offered by Early Modern Music

Above is the somewhat complicated title of this book. But the content is not hard to understand a year into the #metoo-movement. It turns out that 400-year-old songs use the same rules as abusive men still do. Songs of love from a man to a woman in seventeenth-century England often contain patterns that today’s survivors of domestic violence recognise: to reject a ‘no,' accuse, threaten and question the loved one’s character. The researcher Katarina A Karlsson has read 755 songs from the time. Among the love songs from a man to a woman, more than half use these rules to varying degrees.

Is it possible to perform the songs at all? Katarina A Karlsson, who is also a singer and a writer, has worked with the songs together with musicians, singers, directors, costume designers and lighting designers. Photos document some of this scenic work.

Other authors include a psychologist, associate professor Ulf Axberg, a director, professor emerita Gunilla Gårdfeldt-Carlsson and the renowned expert in Early Modern English Music, professor Christopher R. Wilson from the University of Hull. The unique collaboration frames the English Lute Song through artistic research, psychology, musicology, and gender theory.

So what kind of feminine territory was offered through the early modern love song? A place where a woman would risk losing everything.


Queer moving images

Editor: Anna Linder
Language: Swedish
No. of pages: 216
Release date: 2017-02-01
Publisher: ArtMonitor Bok
Dimensions: 246 x 172 x 20 mm
Weight: 568 g
ISBN: 9789198242133

Queer Moving Images includes texts, talks, films, music and lectures, all of which concern issues surrounding the moving image in a queer context.

Essays such as Amelie Björck’s To come into being in a queer time and Louise Wolthers’ Queering the family: images of reproduction both make links to the film Spermwhore, the creation process of which is outlined in On Research In What’s Most Private by Anna Linder.

The somewhat overlooked film Mai Zetterling’s Stockholm is discussed in detail within. Ingrid Ryberg’s article further contributes to the knowledge of the unique Swedish film scene in the 70s by addressing films such as Damned Queers, The woman in your life is you and Eva & Maria. You are invited to take part in the panel discussion on Susan Sontag’s time in Sweden and to follow the experimental cinematic process of Joey Carducci.

The volume also includes moving images; the film Spermwhore and Barbara Hammer’s lecture MAKING MOVIES OUT OF SEX AND LIFE (and making it all transparent).

Graphic design: Bastion – Agency Studio Lab 

Available for purchase at:
Samlade skrifter
Anna Linders webshop

Performing the curatorial: Within and beyond art

Edited by Maria Lind
Stenberg Press
ISBN 978-1-934105-89-4

Edited and introduced by Maria Lind, and with a preface by Johan Öberg, and contributions by Doug Ashford, Beatrice von Bismarck, Boris Buden, Clémentine Deliss, Helmut Draxler, Eungie Joo, and Marion von Osten.

Within contemporary art, the curator’s mediating function has developed into “the curatorial” itself. The curatorial is akin to methodologies used by artists that focus on post-production approaches—that is, principles of montage, with disparate images, objects, as well as other material and immaterial phenomena that are brought together within a particular time and space-related framework. Because the curatorial has clear performative sides, ones that seek to challenge the status quo, it also includes elements of choreography, orchestration, and administrative logistics—like all practices working with defining, preserving, and mediating cultural heritage in a wider sense. Is curating therefore essentially an act of translation? If so, with what purpose, and can it be performed elsewhere?

Performing the Curatorial brings together a diverse group of curators, artists, art historians, educators, and thinkers, all of whom reflect on the curatorial motives, tendencies and tactics, pitfalls, and exegeses in translating, and thus performing, cultural heritage. More information.

I Hear Voices In Everything! - Step by Step

Andreas Gedin

I Hear Voices in Everything – Step by Step, is a practise-based dissertation in fine arts. It includes three art exhibitions, several independent art works and an essay. It discusses the role of the artist and the making of art mainly through the ideas of the Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin (1875- 1975) but also by reflecting on similarities between the artist and the curator. Being a dissertation in fine arts, the aim is not primarily to develop any certain philosophy but to use theory to discuss art, and vice versa.

More about the book and a fulltext pdf here

The book is in english

ISBN 978-91-978476-6-7

Tell It Like It Is – Contemporary Photography and the Lure of the Real

Mika Hannula

ISBN: 9789197847636

In English.

Read more


School of Photography at
University of Gothenburg 2009

Writers: Sinziana Ravini, Fredrik Svensk, Lasse Lindkvist och Julia Tedroff

ISBN: 978-91-978476-0-5

Texts in English, colour pictures.

Read more


Front Ytans materialitet
Ytans materialitet

Kristina Fridh & Thomas Laurien

ISBN: 978-91-977758-2-3

The book is in Swedish with an English summary.
Includes 64 pages of photographs.

Inom Sverige - incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 225
Inom Norden -
incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 275
Inom EU -
incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 375

RAIME Research Alliance of Institutions for Music Education

Bengt Olsson (ed.)

Proceedings of the Eight International Symposium held at Schaeffergarden, Copenhagen September 29 - October 1, 2005 ©.

Print: University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg 2006. © RAIME 2006 

ISBN: 91-975911-3-0

In English.

Sverige: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 281
EU: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 336
Non-EU countries: excl. VAT, incl. postage and packing: SEK 363

Allt eller inget. Kritisk teori,
samtidskonst och visuell kultur

Mika Hannula

Published by Valand School of Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg, Art Monitor.

In Swedish.

This boook has previously been published in Finnish by Bildkonstakademin under the title: "Kaikki tai ei mitään - kriittinen teoria, nykytaide ja visuaalinen kulttuuri" (2003)

ISBN: 91-975911-0-6.

Sverige: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 209
EU: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 234
Non-EU countries: excl. VAT, incl. postage and packing: SEK 245

Artistic Research
- Theories, Methods and Practices

Mika Hannula, Juha Suoranta, Tere Vadén 

Utgiven av Bildkonstakademin, Helsingfors, Finland och Göteborgs universitet, ArtMonitor, Göteborg, Sverige 2005.

ISBN: 951-53-2743-1


Sverige: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 209
EU: incl. VAT, postage and packing: SEK 234
Non-EU countries: excl. VAT, incl. postage and packing: SEK 245

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