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Intermezzon i medieundervisningen


Annika Hellman


Intermezzon i medieundervisningen - gymnasieelevers röster och subjektspositioneringar

Licentiatuppsats, 2013


The starting point of this licentiate thesis is the attempt to make pupils´ perspective on school in general, and media education in particular available and visible. This is done by using a visual research strategy of video diaries, a cumulative method that draws upon students’ knowledge of video diaries from popular culture such as TV-shows. The aim of the study is to investigate which available subject positions are constructed by upper secondary students recording video diaries. Six students were asked to talk about media education in individually recorded diaries during one school year. The analysis demonstrates a wide range and variety of perspectives and subject positions. Some of the more or less fixed pupil positions, “the lazy art student”, “the ambitious girl student” and the “unmotivated boy student” are transgressed through time, and lines of flight opens up possibilities to become other. This occurs through the visual method of video diary that can be said to create a simulacra, a reality on it own terms, where privileged positions can be reversed (Deleuze, 1994/2004). The title Intermezzo refers to how video diaries became an interruption in the everyday school routine, a space in-between lessons in school, and in-between the world in school and life outside school. In conclusion, video diaries makes visible the rhizomatic and nomadic subject positioning and complex learning processes, which are intertwined with gender, affect, materiality, visual culture and informal learning. The thesis make visible the possibility to construct new sites for identity processes and subject positioning through affective and relational work with media and visual art.

Detta är rapport nr 41 i ArtMonitor-serien.

ISBN: 978-91-979993-8-0 (tryckt version)
ISBN: 978-91-981712-5-9 (elektronisk version – pdf)


Svenska med en sammanfattning på engelska.

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